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Troll… Troll… Troll

Easy Steps on How to Troll People on the Internet by Kathryn Drake

In today’s society, everyone is on the internet in some fashion and will have some type of social media account, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media sites have always given the user a platform to say what they want, some post about their daily life, others will rant about something that has happened to them.

Recently, in the last decade, politics have been at the forefront of a lot of people’s social media pages. Then friends will comment back & forth about how they agree or disagree. Then, their friends get involved and sometimes it turns into a shouting battle. With all of this going on, I wonder how easy it would be to troll someone in those comments.

For those who don’t know, trolling is to make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

Here are the steps to troll someone or a group of people: *trolled on Facebook

  1. Find a hot button topic. In this case, the Chloe Dykstra’s sexual assault allegations against ex-boyfriend Chris Hardwick.
  2. Make sure to do a quick research on the topic, this way you can make a point that would be the opposite to what everyone might think. In this case, she never truly came out to name Chris Hardwick but left plenty of clues to make you realize that it was him.
  3. Be one of the first to comment. It makes your ‘argument’ that much stronger. Though don’t be afraid to comment at anytime, if you can rebut anything someone says, it can still get the same reaction.
  4. Make sure to read other people’s comments so you rebut them. Always remember your original argument when commenting.
  5. Try to use some of your personal life in your argument. Here, I used that I was a rape counselor at one point. Chances are, either someone commenting is as well or will do research to see if what you said is correct. Technically, as a rape counselor, we were never to assume anything and just stick to what they were telling us. So, I used that fact to play up that Chloe never said his name, so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Once you say something like this, chances are everyone will be at you. This is when you know you got them good.
  6. At this point, you pretty much can just sit back and watch all the drama unfold.

You can use any hot issue in the news, politics and any celebrity scandal are the easiest to use to troll people.

Here is one downfall:

  • You can always tell them you were just trolling them in the long run but they might not believe you.

Though, you successfully trolled people and got to laugh at their expense, so feel good about that. Only do this is you don’t care about what people think about you and think you are an asshole (I call myself Queen Asshole for a reason). If you can about what people might think, then you might want to think twice about trolling someone.


If you are a WWE fan, you might get my reference in the title…

It is 2016!! New Year usually means new years resolutions. I do not believe in those, well, calling them that at least. I set goals for myself each year and usually not the whole “i am going to lose weight and eat healthier” (though technically, it is a goal of mine) but small goals that I feel I need to change within myself. One being dressing more as Kathryn. This is a bit of a hard one as I do work Full Time and when I am at home, I am usually getting into my pjs and when I go out, which is infrequent, only 1/3 of the times, I go out as my female side, which I actually prefer.

Another goal is expand myself artistically. If you have read post blogs or have me on Facebook or Twitter (@darkmindedone), you have seen my past artwork ranging from spray painted work I have done on wood to moving to actual canvas to my recent work that I just completed with my boyfriend (a Tetris board shelving unit… i will post a pic below this blog). This year, I want to learn also to possibly weld or something. As long as I expand on my art, I will be happy.

Last goal (which actually goes back into my last blog about that certain update), I am going to start a You Tube Channel… then eventually a podcast. What this You Tube channel will be about is still being worked on. I am thinking a news style show mixed with my opinions (think Philip DeFranco) but with my own flare to it and possibly more entertainment stuff but will probably add social media news and such as well. Now, with this, I also will be moving blog addresses. The new address will be thedarkonespeaks.wordpress.com. I am going to  keep this blog to still quickly say something  but any time I will post a video, it will go on that page. Other things are forming with all that (like picking a name for the show… i loath that part of the process) but this update will end with to be continued…

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the tragic year we already are having. Just in 2016 alone, we lost:

David Bowie *Musician/Actor (cancer)

Alan Rickman *Actor (cancer)

Pat Harrington, Jr.*Actor from Once Day at a Time (alzheimer’s and complications from a fall)

David Margulies *Actor from Ghostbuster (unknown as of this blog)

Tera Wray *Porn actress that was the widow of Wayne Static from Static-X (suicide)

Brian Bedford *Voice actor of the original Robin Hood cartoon movie (cancer)

Rene Angelil *Music producer, was the husband of Celine Dion (cancer)

Dan Taggerty *Actor (cancer)

Glenn Frey *Musician from Eagles (complications from surgery)

… and these are just in January. It started in December when Scott Weiland died of an overdose of drugs and mixed it with alcohol. You also have Lemmy (cancer), Natalie Cole (heart failure) and Wayne Rogers (pneumonia) in December as well. There are plenty of other semi-famous names as well who have died but the list is already long as it is. The most sad part is that majority have died from some type of Cancer (6 to be exact). My friend, after his mom passes on from her battle with Cancer would use the hashtag fuck cancer. Something I gracefully and willingly adopted because it is an evil disease that I wish they could find a cure for all of them but it unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. All in all, I mourn with the rest of the world and with those tragically hurt and heartbroken families who have suffered with these losses. #fuckcancer

That is all I have for now my beautiful creatures. I shall talk to you later.


*credit to Wikipedia for the listings of deaths*

Philip DeFranco  *Here is a link to Phil DeFranco’s You Tube to understand what I was talking about*


P.S. Here is the Tetris board that My boyfriend has created and I painted. I went with all original colors.tetris

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