Why is it that every Sunday, I have to read if the public are for or against people not standing for kneeling during the National Anthem. Everyone has a side and everyone speaks for other people (current and Veterans of the Military). Some of them are against it, some have come out for it, stating the First Amendment. 
Want my take? Fine, here it is: Our soldiers are not fighting for a flag but fighting for the rights that are given to us in the Constitution. Yes, the flag is a representation of us but what truly matters is the document that states what our military are really fighting for, our freedom. I personally stand when the Anthem is played. I do think there are other ways to protest. however, I would never and will never stop someone from doing it.
Yes, this is my own opinion. Though, I do have to ask, are you offended that President Trump doesn’t hold his hand over his heart when the anthem is played, instead of just standing there like a buffoon? 
Now, i have to get that nasty taste from my mouth when I called trump President *pukes in mouth*