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So Black Thursday is coming upon us once again. Yes, I said Black Thursday. Only fitting to call it that since, at least if you work in retail, you will more than likely be working on Thanksgiving. You might think that I am mad that I have to work on Thanksgiving. Nope. Why not you ask? Well, I am a full time employee for a large retail electronic chain that will be paying me double time and a half on that day (the breakdown is 8 hours of Holiday pay and time and a half for what ever I work). Granted, not everyone makes what I do for working on Thanksgiving and some people rather be with their families than at work on the holiday. Though they also go about bitching about it the entirely wrong way. Instead of bitching about working to fellow co-workers or posting your rant on social media, take a stand or at least complain to corporate offices about how it is not fair (especially since you know they will be in their own homes celebrating Thanksgiving. Complaining on social media, writing it in blogs or just getting grumpy solves nothing.

Secondly, America seems to be ranting and raving about how it is not fair to retail workers to make them work on Thanksgiving. I hope I am not the only one to realize that consumers are the biggest reasons why we have to work on Thanksgiving. I have a discussion with a fellow do-worker about this and broke it down in business terminology for him as to why we are actually opening on Thanksgiving, which I am going to share with you…

Company ‘A’ decided to open on Thanksgiving. They are the first to do such a thing. They report a slight increase in profit because of this and decide to open the next year on the holiday as well. Other companies see how well they are doing on the holiday and decide they want in on the action. This is where the mistake happened. While yes, Company ‘A’ reported a gain for the holiday, the fact that there were no other choices for consumers to go for Black Friday deals and doorbusters. So by other stores opening the same day as the first company, they start skewing the numbers on what type of profit they were going to actually make. Last year was the first year the company I work for decided to open on Thanksgiving. Results were not that promising. Numbers showed that the company did not really profit from opening up on the holiday.

Not sure if all these companies realize that after paying all their employees at least time and a half, some extra security or police, vendors extra to have their products as part of the doorbusters… that there isn’t much left to profit from. Of course, everything is always about that bottom dollar isn’t it.

In the end, unless people wake up and decide not to shop on Thanksgiving or corporations finally get tired of losing money (or not gaining enough profit), Black Thursday is here to stay.


I work at an big chain retail store that happens to sell Appliances and I have to say, a lot of the customers I get are complete morons. Some of the issues are that they don’t size the space they are putting the new appliance at all. They just come into the store and expect us to know what they need. Now, if it is a range, the width typically is standard but the height and depth can vary. I had a customer come in and order a very expensive range. Once they got it to their house, they decided that the back control panel was too high for them. Seriously? You saw the unit in the store! Why didn’t you have the measurements with you??

Then, I have those customers who think they are elitist and feel they should have everything at lower price just so they could save more and try to haggle the prices. Last I checked, this isn’t a swap meet where we just magically pick prices at a whim. Plus, there are those who think we just HAVE to give them a time that they want. First, we don’t pick the times in the store. The warehouse picks the times a day before once they have the route all picked out. This particular customer wanted a day appointment for her appliance to be brought to her house. Well, she was told she can pya to have her perfect appointment but she didn’t want to pay. Well, you get what ever time they pick for you them and she was fine with it, until they called her with her time table. She immediately called the store and demanded a new time or she was canceling her order. Well, cancel the order it was (though that has more of a story that I don’t feel like getting into because that was a whole other shit storm that happened). 

Appliances are the only department they tend to be morons… but I am saving the rest for my book.

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