National Coming Out Day is a way to show those members of the LGBT community who are hiding that there are plenty of people who will support them and help them in any way possible. I stand here and proudly proclaim being bisexual/pansexual and transgender. I fully came out as bi/pansexual about 10 years ago. Came out fully (except work) as Transgender a year ago and I am not looking back! I will gladly support and help anyone who needs a helping hand.

I have plenty of blogs up talking about my sexuality and my gender identity but that is because I have been getting more comfortable with myself as time goes on. There are plenty of those who struggle every day, whether it is because they feel they are different because they like both males and female, whether they like the same sex or that they might feel that their body isn’t what they feel it should be. I know growing up, I knew at a very early age both my sexuality and that I didn’t belong in a male body. I knew it but did not know what to call it or if I was alone in the world with this issue. I grew up in the 80’s when AIDS really came to the head with people against gay people. On top of that, no one really knew what Transgender was or that people dressed in the opposite sexes clothes because they felt right.

Now a day, mostly because of the internet, there is so much information for the youth to access to help them along the way. However, that is still not enough. When you still have bigots in the world, who would gladly shame you for being who you are and not like them, coming out is still hard. When you hear about a kid or an adolescent comes out to their parents and they kick them out, virtually making them homeless, it sends a bad message to others that they should keep quiet. Things like this is why there is a National Coming Out Day, a LGBT Pride Month (July.. and yes, I changed it from Gay Pride to LGBT Pride because we all have something to be proud about), and programs to help homeless LGBT youths.

So if you know s0me one struggling with coming out, no matter what the reason, give them a hug and let them know you are there for them, no matter what, because usually, that is all they need, to feel welcome and wanted and unafraid.

*note: National Coming Out Day was actually yesterday, October 11th, but I never got a chance to post this.