I am very proud of my Dani. When I first met her 15 years ago, she was full of life, open to explore new things and a very happy loving girl. She then, met her ex (not saying names, even though he isn’t on my list). Somehow, she had changed. She wasn’t the same. She wasn’t smiling as much, she didn’t really go places… it was as if her life force was altered. In a way, it was to please her ex as he stifled her creativity and who she really was. She was like this for 8 years.

After the 8 years, she finally woke up from that horrible-ness. She still wasn’t the same as he really hurt her. Which is understandable, he only truly looked out for himself. Take for instance when she has her gall bladder out. Was he by her bedside? NO. He was in another state, at a baseball game, if i remember correctly. Dani also knows some more famous (or infamous) people and he would ALWAYS see if she could get a hook up. They always had to go to sporting events (and his teams) for everything and never anything that she wanted to do. No real culture related things.

Then, her and I started to talk about possibly dating, only this time, I am in a Poly relationship. This was new to her but still wanted to learn and grow. This was the first sign of the old Dani that I first fell in love with 15 years ago (didn’t go out with her back then as I had just gotten out of a relationship myself and I didn’t want her to just be a rebound girl as I respect her just as much as I love her). Since we started dating 3 months ago tomorrow, she has been smiling more, loving life more, growing as a person each day. I am glad to be a part of her re-discovering her true self.